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January 3rd, 2013

SHIFT’s Greatest Hits of 2012 – An eLearning Retrospective

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eLearning blog2012 was a fantastic year for eLearning. As we are beginning a new year, we thought it would be interesting to collect SHIFT’s most popular blog posts from the past year and revisit them as a Greatest Hits collection.

This is a presentation of the most popular SHIFT blog posts from 2012 based on views and shares:

18 Mind-Blowing eLearning Statistics You Need To Know: A complete roundup of more than a dozen powerful eLearning stats that are sure to be eye-openers, if not total mind-changers.

11 Incredible eLearning Blogs To Be Thankful for: We've highlighted eleven eLearning-related blogs that we're frequently thankful for (and believe you might feel the same way. Check them out, load them into your Google Reader, and have this wealth of information and resources come straight to you.

The Ultimate 10-Point Checklist for Remarkable eLearning Courses: We often hear, “How do we make remarkable eLearning courses?”, therefore we’ve create a checklist. The idea of creating this checklist is for you to focus more on creating eLearning courses that’s relevant to the learner’s world. Your courses don't have to adopt everything on it, but the items on this list can serve as great indicators.

Levels of Interactivity in eLearning: Which one do you need? In this post you’ll find a comprehensive look into the different levels of interactivity, including a practical classification so you can determine how interactive you want your eLearning courses to be.

5 Great eLearning Boredom Busters: An excellent way to get your audience engaged is to avoid boring eLearning courses and instead, incorporate features intended to make the program more interactive and less dull. . Here are five examples to get you inspired. Read them carefully to ensure you to be a hit with your eLearning audience. 

The Six Ingredients That Make eLearning Courses Relevant:  Relevance is one of the most important elements in an eLearning Course. How do you create relevant courseware for your audience? Find out in this post, complete with strategy and tips.

Back to Basics: The Essential Elements of Effective eLearning: A clever look at how you can have a much bigger impact by understanding how the mind works during learning. Get to know the five essential building blocks that make up effective course design.   

5 Smart Ways to Organize Your Content for eLearning:  How you manage your information through a course determines, to a large extent, whether you effectively communicate your main points to your learners. Whether you are repurposing old information or creating new content from scratch, the organization of your course´s content plays a big role in adding excitement and interest to connect with your audience successfully.

12 Tips and Tricks to Spice Up Your Bland eLearning Courses: Is your eLearning course a yawn? How do you bring the spark back into a boring eLearning course and inject some va-va-voom into them? Well, it's all about approaching your course with a little creativity and extra work. Don't worry! In this post you'll learn how to avoid the Boring eLearning Syndrome. 

7 Critical Don’ts for eLearning Success: We don't understand why so much companies and eLearning developers miss the mark with eLearning. Simply transferring content online doesn’t mean that you’re doing eLearning.  There are certain “rules” you must follow.  Remember these don’ts of eLearning if you want to see positive results from your courses.

The 5 Decisive Components of Outstanding Learning Games: Since the ultimate goal is to get your learners to complete the course and actually learn the content in it, games are a great way to achieve this. Master these five crucial components when developing learning games and you'll significantly improve your eLearning courses.  


We have some really great things in store for 2013, so here’s to a year of fresh ideas for the modern trainers, HR teams and eLearning developers. We invite you to subscribe to our blog and hope it will become a daily part of your eLearning inspiration for this new year.

What’s your favorite post from 2012? What would you like to see more of in 2013?


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