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10 reasons why to pay attention to Mobile Learning

mobile learning

In the business world, every day we have less time to investigate, analyze, train, make decisions ... Meetings, documents, reports, goals to achieve ... it requires employees to be very efficient in time management to fulfill their tasks.

3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Implementing HTML5 In elearning

mobile learning

It’s a fact that the number of mobile devices is increasing exponentially. Basically, these are becoming the primary device used by everyone today. We have to be realistic: smartphone’s, PDA’s and tablets are replacing desktops and laptops, not only while working from home, but even in the office. 

First steps towards mobile technology


Probably you should be asking yourself what, then, should be my first steps towards this mobile technology?

First of all, you must learn it by heart. There are a lots of online resources for beginners, intermediates and experts. The W3 SchoolsTreehouseHTML5 Rocks are all good starting points. But also, if you want to go hardcore, you can delve into the W3C Specification, which is the bare bones real deal, so to speak; and the HTML Language Reference.

Top Developer Questions about HTML5 answered (Part II)

html5 elearning

Building apps in HTML5 is probably easier than using other development tools, but there's still many things you should learn. Continuing the interview, "Rambling on HTML5" with software developer and interactive media producer, Adrian Murillo, he discusses some important things you should know if you want to create solid HTML5 applications.

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Top Developer Questions about HTML5 Answered (Part I)


An interview with Aura Interactiva´s CTO, about what is HTML5 all about. 

Adrián Murillo, software developer, CTO of Aura Interactiva, and also an interactive media producer has stand out in the technology industry. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and specialties in audiovisual production, web development and interactive media production... As such, we decided to interview him and gather high quality explanations on what is this HTML5 all about.

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